Lifestyle Magazine Hosts Win “2017 Telly Award”

Lifestyle Magazine hosts and crew wins the “2017 Telly Award” for the episode called “Life Choices” with guest 4 Time Grammy Award Winner Deniece Williams. This is an amazing television award honor for the hosts and crew of Lifestyle Magazine. I am very excited because I was a huge part of this episode being associated […]

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The Three Biggest Exercise Myths

One of the biggest problems for the average fitness enthusiast that wants to get in shape is that they don’t know what is the right answer when it comes to some of the basic common exercise fundamentals. The reason for this is because there is so much misinformation on the internet by the so many […]

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8 Tips For Staying Motivated

We all wanted to be motivated to be the best we can be, but sometime we all need that extra external something to help us with that. Whether it is trying to find motivation to get in the gym or get in the best shape possible; or the motivation to do what is necessary to […]

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