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Tara Smith “Thanks for everything Obi! I feel great, stronger and in better shape then ever. I play competitively and I have played professionally in Europe for a year and I can tell you that this is the highest my vertical leap has ever been. I believe the biggest impact for me is the diet. This is the first time I really focused on dieting and I really believe that Obi’s dieting and training plan is everything in a nutshell to help you lose fat fast. Thanks again, I’ll be in touch. On to the next challenge. Thanks Quentin!”

Simon Chel “I am a mother and a female police corporal . I work out all the time but know matter how much I worked out I couldn’t seem to get my abs to appear. Well I emailed Obi and he emailed me back right away . He said he could help me get my body where I wanted it. He emailed me a program and I followed it. It was hard work but I didnt give up. Now I have abs and not only abs but a six pack. Thank you Obi for helping me acheive my goal.”

Jen Wirth “I am a mother of two. A beautiful two year old toddler girl and a wonderful 8mo old baby boy. I have always been “in shape” because I worked “hard” for it. I played sports and just played around at the gym. I ate how I wanted but never over board. After having my daughter I bounced right back into shape. I am in the military and a police officer so I stay pretty active. I thought that was the best shape that I could be. I became pregnant with my second and last child last year. After giving birth to my son I felt like I couldn’t get my mojo back. I felt like that was going to be the body I was stuck in, and I began making excuses for myself. I went from 142 to 180 at the end of the pregnancy.”

Jeff Glum “Never thought i could get ripped this quick! Only a month of dieting and intense training and i hit my goal easily! This is a great program, if you buckle down and do the work you will get results. train hard, eat right, and live healthy. Obi’s program produced results quick and efficiently, and feel free to message me if you believe my fat loss isn’t the real deal! Thanks for the help! Obi’s Perfect Anatomy system is a great fat loss program that produced results quick. When I prep for a contest in the future ill be sure to send my progress your way!”
– Tony Frano


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