Check Out this Fitness Tip on The Benefits of HIIT Cardio

Fitness Tip: If you are efficient when you do your cardio you don’t need to do hours and hours of cardio per day. I did a 25 minute High-(Intensity-Interval-Training)HIIT cardio workout last night and a 2 minute cool-down and burned 435 calories in that limited time-frame and here is the iphone shot showing the final […]

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Check out Top Fitness Expert Obi Obadike’s Jet Magazine Interview

Check out Top Fitness Expert’s Obi Obadike Jet Magazine interview where he talks about 5 ways to maintain New Year fitness goals. To read the entire interview please copy and paste this link into your web-browser Facebook0Twitter0Google+0Pinterest0Linkedin0DiggDigg0Tumblr0Stumbleupon0VKontakte0Reddit0Delicious0Weibo0Xing0Print0E-mail0

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