How to lose weight without counting calories? Using smaller plates when you eat food can help you manage the number of daily calories you are consuming without having to count the calories. By using smaller plates, you trick your brain psychologically that you are eating less calories. The larger your plates or bowls the less your brain thinks you have eaten food.

How to lose weight without counting calories? iStock-photo credit: Daria Kulkova

Eating fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and high in nutrients with every meal can help prevent you from counting calories while making you feel fuller. Eating these types of foods makes you eat less calories and the result is weight loss management.

Eating a protein food with every meal will keep you full and satisfied and help you to not feel you must count calories. Eating protein regularly helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass. And the more lean muscle mass you have the faster your metabolism will be. That lean muscle mass tissue helps you burn calories at rest.

Some of the best protein foods to eat are fish, beef, chicken, turkey, etc. This will help you reduce your daily calorie intake. Drinking a glass or two of water right before each meal will help you eat less food and help you avoid counting calories.

The Bottom Line is some of the best ways to avoid counting calories is to use smaller plates when you eat. To eat foods that are high in fiber such as fruits and vegetables. And to eat high protein foods like chicken, turkey, fish, etc. This can help with avoiding counting calories.

Eating these foods are nutrient dense fulfilling foods that will make you eat less food and suppress your appetite. Drinking a glass or two of water before each meal will help to suppress your appetite and prevent you from counting calories.

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About Obi Obadike – Welcome to Obi Obadike | World Renowned Fitness Expert


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