How to lose thigh fat in two weeks? First of all, you can’t lose fat in your thigh area because you decided to just do thigh exercises. The best way to lose fat on your thighs and all over body is through a balanced diet and exercise program that puts you in a caloric deficit.

You can’t lose body fat without being in a caloric deficit.  Your exercise program, if your goal is to lose body fat or thigh fat, would consist of cardiovascular exercises to help you burn calories and fat. And the weight-training program would allow you to build muscle while shaping and toning your thighs.

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HIIT, High Intensity interval training is one of the best ways to build leg strength and burn body fat and thigh fat. Some good leg exercises that can help shape, tone, and build muscle in your thighs are squats, lunges, wall-sits, sumo squats, dumbbell deadlifts. Research studies have shown that HIIT exercises help to burn more calories after the workout because of the high intensity.

Resistance Training

When you strength train it allows you to burn calories after the workout because of the EPOC effect. EPOC means exercise post oxygen consumption which is the after-burn effect.

These exercises do an excellent job of targeting your inner thighs with added resistance. Because your legs are the largest muscle in the body you will burn the most calories.

And when you train your legs, it will feel like you did a cardiovascular workout. It’s an anaerobic exercise but it will feel aerobic due to the amount of oxygen you will be using while performing these exercises.


Some good cardio exercises you can do to burn calories and lose body fat are burpees, swimming, step-ups, jumping jacks, stationary bike, jogging, etc.


The best foods to eat when you are dieting and want to lose body fat which will help you lose thigh fat are fiber and protein foods. Why? Because they are low in calories, which will fill you up while suppressing your appetite.

Some good fiber foods to eat are fruits and vegetables such as apples, strawberries, peaches, bananas, etc. And good vegetables to eat are broccoli, spinach, asparagus, etc.

Good protein foods to eat are chicken, fish, beef, steak, shrimp, tilapia, beans, eggs, etc. All these foods are great because protein is important for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have the faster your metabolism will be.

Resistance training, whether it be dumbbell free weights, resistance band exercises or body weight exercises is critical in building a fast metabolism. And when you have a fast metabolism, it makes it easier to burn calories and body fat while at rest.

If you can combine a balanced diet along with a rigorous weight-training program which targets your thighs in a prominent way, then you should be able to lose body fat all over your body as well as thigh fat. Building muscle helps to burn more calories and body fat all over your body and eating protein regularly as well as weight-training is critical to that.

The Bottom Line is the best way to lose thigh fat is to be on structured diet and exercise program that prominently targets your thighs. There is no such thing as spot reduction, meaning there isn’t specific exercise that will make you lose body fat in one area. When you lose body fat you lose it all over your body not just in one specific spot.

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About Obi Obadike – Welcome to Obi Obadike | World Renowned Fitness Expert


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