Check out top fitness expert Obi Obadike’s fitness tip below on what you can realistically do in terms of putting on lean muscle mass on your physique:

Lean muscle muscle gain for naturals: Complete novices can can gain approximately 2% of their total bodyweight per month. Intermediates can gain 1- 1.5% of their total bodyweight per month. Advanced trainees near their genetic potential are lucky to gain 0.5-1.0% of total bodyweight gain as a fat free muscle per month. If you can gain 7-10lbs of fat free muscle in a year that is a huge accomplishment as a natural bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast.

It is common for a newbie to gain 18 pounds of lean muscle in their first of year training. It is impossible for somebody that has been training for a very long time and is at their genetic potential to gain more then 10 pounds of lean muscle in a year naturally.   Also there is no research study out there that supports that somebody that does the fast bulk meaning someone that consumes an enormous amount of daily calories per day will gain lean muscle at a faster rate then someone that consumes a moderate amount of calories per day when bulking up slowly.

The end result of a fast bulk is putting on unnecessary fat and water on your body. If there is no research study that supports that your muscle gain will not be faster if you bulk up slowly then it may make sense to be lean and do a slow bulk as opposed to doing a fast bulk and looking sloppy during the process when the rate of lean muscle gain either way is still the same.

Top Fitness Model and Top Fitness Personality Obi Obadike's iphone pic during his Jason Ellis Shoot on February 25th, 2012