Check out Morris Chestnut and I gracing the April Muscle & Performance cover.

I want to thank AIM media, Maureen the (editor of Muscle& Performance and Oxygen Magazine), Paul- The Art director, Lara for writing our cover story, (Cory Sorenson, photographer who shot the cover) and The entire Oxygen magazine Team for supporting our book.

More importantly last but not least I want to thank Alex Nourouzi who was the really guy that pushed really hard to get us on this cover. I know he doesn’t want me to say this because he wants the attention on us and he is modest. But I am going to say this anyway sorry bro:)

Alexander Norouzi is the greatest decision maker that I’ve ever seen in the fitness industry in regards to featuring fitness professionals in fitness magazines and on covers.

He has created more opportunities for minorities in terms of feature spreads&covers in fitness magazines more than any decision maker than I’ve ever seen in the fitness industry.

And he needs to be applauded, acknowledged and recognized for that. He literally just doesn’t see color, race or ethnicity when making those types of decisions and I love him for that.”

Next to the cover posted is a cover image of me from that Muscle & Performance cover shoot.  By far the heaviest I’ve ever came in for a cover shoot. I hadn’t trained that hard for something in awhile. It was definitely the extra motivation I needed. Even a fitness guru like me needs motivation. I don’t post many physique images these days but I hope that this cover magazine and this image of me can motivate the average person to get off the couch and get in better shape. And Morris got in crazy lean shape again and was really proud of what he brought to the cover shoot.

There is a cover story on Morris and I about our book “The Cut”. Muscle and Performance is in every Vitamin Shoppe across the country.

Pick up the April issue with Morris and me on the cover now:)

This is a groundbreaking fitness magazine cover on so many different levels. Thank You Alex again and AIM media for making it happen.

“Train naturally PED/steroid free or don’t train at all. It is the only way to go folks health wise and in knowing what your true genetic potential is”.