Check out the new cast of Lifestyle Magazine Health TV show airing on national TV once a week on Thursday’s morning on TBN- Trinity Broadcasting Network at 10:30amPST/1:30EST.

The new Lifestyle Magazine Health TV show debut airs next Thursday on Nov 6th on TBN-Trinity Broadcasting network. TBN is America’s largest faith and family based network and the largest faith based network in the world.

The Nov 6th episode is called “The Unhealthy Side of Sports” Featuring ESPN Analyst Stephen A Smith and Sports Physician Dr Andrew Blecher.

In this episode we do 2 different panel discussion with Stephen A Smith, Dr Blecher and the rest of the Co-Hosts on why professional athletes take steroids and on the symptoms and causes of severe concussions.

And there is also an interview where Host Mike Tucker and I interview ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith in a Two on One interview.

TBN network reaches over 100 million homes in America right now.  The Lifestyle Magazine health show is the only non-religious show on the TBN network. It airs in 190 different countries and airs in every major continent globally.

Internationally the first debut show airs on Nov 7th tentatively sometime in the afternoon. I know it airs in Australia on Nov 7th at 3pm and other international countries around that time.

The producers sent me the show a couple of ago to review it and I was very impressed with the first episode of this new health show and it came out absolutely phenomenal. It is something you could easily see on ESPN or CNN.

I think it is comparable educational content and programming wise to what you see on the Doctors. It is an educational, controversial and a very informative show! If you can’t watch it on that time TIVO it and watch it later and please let me know what you think about our new debut health TV show and the episode called “The Unhealthy Side Of Sports”.

The show also airs in different local affiliates across the country as well as other national syndicated networks such as Hope Channel on DirectTV, NRB network on DirectTV/Dish network, SkyAngel network on Dish network, etc.


Obi Obadike- Co Host of LIfestyle Magazine Health TV Show.

Obi Obadike- Co Host of LIfestyle Magazine Health TV Show.