Top Fitness Expert Obi Obadike will be the fitness/nutrition expert co-host of a new national syndicated health show that will air on several different networks nationally on TV this Fall.  The name of this new new health TV show is called “Lifestyle Health”.

They will be shooting the show in July and I’ve already reached out to a couple of mainstream celebrity friends of mine and fitness celebrity friends of mine as potential guests for our July shooting for season 1.

“I am excited about the opportunity and platform it will give me which is to help educate and motivate millions of people each week to be healthier and fitter in their daily lives.”

As we get closer to the Fall air date  he will be able to roll out a list of most of the TV networks the show will air on and give more detailed information about the nuances of this new health show. The show will also air out internationally on TV as well.

He hopes that this show will be one of the more credible sources of information on national TV for fitness, nutrition, health and wellness.

Top Fitness Expert and Top Fitness Personality Obi Obadike lands co-host role for a new Health TV show- Photo Credit: John Dorton