“Don’t Make Fitness A New Years Resolution”

So its New Year’s resolution time and you are probably thinking to yourself I want to make this year the year where I will get in better shape, eat healthier and train harder. Let me ask you something: Why wait until New Year to make an excuse to do this and why not make it a permanent lifestyle? It is so easy to make excuses such as: I don’t have enough time to train; I am tired; I have my kids with me or I don’t have the energy to work-out today, etc.

We all can find excuses not to want to work out and eat better but the fact of the matter is if you take a shower and brush your teeth every day which is daily hygiene for any normal person than there is no reason for you not to want to work-out every week and make it part of your normal daily hygiene.

How I look at working out and consuming healthy foods daily is somewhat like my daily hygiene. If I don’t do it I feel dirty and I feel guilty like I did something wrong. Never make excuses for doing something that can improve your mental and physical health. The longer you wait the harder it is to get back on track with your fitness goals.

Some of the best ways to make yourself accountable and motivate yourself is to make fitness a lifestyle and write down your fitness goals on a piece paper. Example: Write down what your daily workouts will be before you do it; Write down what you will be eating each day before you start the day. When you write what you have to do for the day or week it forces you to be accountable for what you put down on paper and minimizes you making excuses for not doing it.

These are things that you should follow when it comes to staying motivated to stay on track for your fitness goals.

Write Down Your Fitness Goals for the week

Look Over Your Fitness Goals each week

Execute Your Fitness Goals each week

Make Yourself Accountable for Everything You Write Down each week

Make Yourself Accountable for any successes and also for any shortcomings or failures


Top Fitness Personality Obi Obadike Writes Article On Not Making Fitness A New Years Resolution

You are the creator of your own vessel and it is not a trainer, nutritionist or some random fitness expert that can motivate you to want to do it. Knowing that you have the type of power to make it happen should be enough motivation to use the New Year not to get in shape for a 2 month period and quit but to get in great shape and maintain it for a lifestyle. Fitness is not about getting in shape for a competition, a photo-shoot a wedding or some special occasion. It is about making it a permanent healthy lifestyle that can extend the longevity of your life and help you slow the aging process.

So I challenge you not to get in shape for some New Year’s resolution common cliché but do it because you want to make a permanent healthy change in your life and if you look at the way I can promise you that it will become a lifestyle.