HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best cardiovascular training methods for fat loss and muscle maintenance. It is one of the preferred cardio training methods out there because you can burn an infinite amount of calories in less than 30 minutes a day. The main concept and science behind HIIT- (High Intensity Interval Training) is training in intervals and training at different speeds. One of the most important things for HIIT is never allowing your body to adapt to the same level of intensity which will allow your body to fall into a steady state.

Always try to change the pace of the intensity and pushing yourself through each interval which is key for HIIT. Interval training can be something like an all-out sprint or jogging to lower your heart rate and then changing the speed after 30 seconds and sprinting again. Different high interval cardio training activities that you can do are sprinting, boxing, jump-roping and even a treadmill, elliptical or stair-master which are all great for fat loss.

The treadmill still burns more calories per hour then the elliptical, stair-master or bike. So it is more favorable for calorie burning purposes but the bike and elliptical is better on the body and joints then the treadmill. One of the negatives to high-interval training is that it carries a greater risk of injury and is physically and psychologically demanding to the body because of the level of intensity of the training.

The advantage of HIIT is that you can burn more calories within a shorter period of time without having to spend hours a day performing cardio which is what appeals to many people in society which is less time working out. One of the greatest things about HIIT is the after burn which is the excess Post Oxygen Consumption. You not only burn a lot of calories at the workout but you will burn just as much or more after the workout. High interval training has the ability to change your body’s calorie burning capabilities.

There have been many research studies out there that have said that long endurance activities such as marathon running can cause muscle catabolism which basically means the breakdown of the loss of muscle tissue which can sometimes last up to 7 days after the activity takes place. The four benefits of HIIT are increase speed, increase power, increase endurance and burns more calories by increasing your metabolism so you lose fat faster.  Many professional athletes incorporate this in their training because it has been proven to improve athletic performance.

High interval Cardio Exercises- Calories burned in 30 Minutes- Perform any of these at least 3 times a week for fat burning purposes

Sprinting on Track- Burns 400 calories to 430 calories for a person that weighs anywhere from 150 pounds to 200 pounds. Sample workout- 10 100 meter sprints- Sprint a 100 meters and then walk back to the starting line and proceed again. Your rest is walking back to the starting line.

Punching a Boxing Bag-burns 230 and 260 calories for a person that weighs anywhere from 150 pounds to 200 pounds.

Jump-Roping Moderate Speed- Burns 400 and 450 calories for a person that weighs anywhere from 150 pounds to 200 pounds.


There are several research studies that have been done that favors that high intensity interval training is more favorable for fat loss then low intensity training. A study performed by Jeffrey W. King of East Tennessee State University that was published May 2001 showed that HIIT increases the resting metabolic rate for the following 24 hours. This means that not only do HIIT workout increase metabolism and help burn fat during the workout but they continue do so for 24 hours continuing the workout. To view the full scientific research study please go to http://etd-submit.etsu.edu/etd/theses/available/etd-0412101-214442/unrestricted/king0417.pdf

There was another research study done by M Sanchez Pacheco on rats and they had these rats perform high intensity cardio exercises and low intensity cardio exercises at the same amount of work. The rats that performed high intensity exercises lost more fat then then rats that performed low intensity exercises. There was a significant loss of body-fat by these rats that performed high intensity exercises at 80 to 90 percent of their maximum heart rate while there was no significant change in body-fat that was found in the lower intensity group that performed 60% to 70% of their maximum heart rate.

Personally high interval cardio training has been a huge factor to me maintaining the type of conditioning I maintain all year round and it is a incredible key component when I am getting ready for magazine cover-shoots. Most of my clients biggest fat loss transformations are due to HIIT and obviously a sensible diet plan.

Before starting any HIIT workout always start with a good warm-up and then end with a good cool-down before you end the workout which is great to prevent any injuries. Lastly because you are going to burn a lot of calories within a shorter period of time make sure you are constantly keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water to avoid cramping up during the exercise and after the exercise. HIIT is arguably the best way to train cardiovascular wise for fat loss.

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