There are a lot of amazing fitness personalities and fitness models in the industry that have done amazing things that deserve their just due. First of all I don’t gain anything by writing this article or giving exceptional mention to this individual. And I don’t believe in kissing anybody’s butt for the sake of doing it. Most people who know me know I just call it like it see it and give credit where credit is due.

          In the fitness industry there are a lot of people that are competitive and have aspirations of being one of the top fitness models in the world or possibly being the top person in the industry. The top fitness model in the world male or female is Greg Plitt. In fact I don’t even think its close I mean there’s Greg Plitt and then there is everybody else in the fitness industry.  He is in his own league of his own and I don’t think he can be compared to anybody. What he has done in 5 years just purely as cover fitness model period and nothing else is absolutely astronomical and unreal. I don’t think there is one fitness model past or present that has done over 100 fitness magazine covers in a 5 year period. That has to be some record there in itself.

GregPlitt- Inside Fitness Magazine Cover

          It’s not the covers and it’s not the endorsement contracts it is everything I just mentioned but more importantly it is how many people he has influenced globally. His membership site is the most successful membership site in the fitness industry and it has influenced thousands of people all over the world to attain their fitness goals. Out of all the current models he has been sponsored longer than anybody with over 5 years being associated with the same supplement company in Met-rx.

          I think whenever there is new guy with a great face and a great body everybody wants to say he is the next Greg Plitt. How many times have we’ve heard that? Well there is never going to be another Greg Plitt ever and the reason why is because his work ethic is second to none and he seems not to be slowing anytime soon. The man has averaged a cover month in some part of the world for 5 years which is a record in the industry. There are some fitness models that have had a great year or two and have landed 7 covers in a year or even 10 covers in one year but that don’t make you the number one person in the industry just because of one year and it is not just about covers as so many fitness models seem to think.

Greg Plitt-World Physique Cover


           It is about creating a body of work consistently that stands over time and people can be inspired and motivated by it. It is about being more than just a model it is about being an entrepreneur and being able to turn those covers and exposure into some type of reasonable capital.  I wrote an article called Quantification of a top fitness model and some fitness models took offense to that because I said that being a top fitness personality is more than just having some abs, some covers and good smile.

            I always like to use famous athletes as an analogy when I speak because I love sports and I am a sports historian. I remember the great Jerry West said it best that during the early 90’s.  He said, “Michael Jordan  has become a victim of his own success” and that is the reason why he stays so isolated from people and stays inside his house all the time because people always want something from him and he is paranoid. Now I am not saying that Greg is Michael Jordan but within the fitness industry he is.  I think Greg is a victim of his own success and he has had so much success in the industry that people hate on him particularly because people want to take his spot and they want to have his success. Unfortunately he is one of the very few people that figured out the fitness game perfected it and has taken it to another level where few will ever be able to get to.


            I remember former NFL Pro receiver Sterling Sharpe was interviewed back in the 90’s and I’ll never forget this interview and he said when he came into the NFL everybody said he is the next Jerry Rice.  Jerry being a very proud person heard this from many NFL analysts that Sterling is probably the best receiver in the game. Jerry was pissed off that this new guy that just came in the league that everybody was crowning him as the best receiver possibly and he hasn’t done anything yet comparatively to Rice. Sterling said that fueled Jerry Rice to continue to work even harder at practice when he heard this and I believe that year he had his best year statistically ever as a receiver.  There were a lot of unbelievable receivers that have come in the NFL that had the potential and talent to be as great as Jerry Rice but they didn’t have his work ethic and that is why he is the best ever. Even till today nobody has ever come close to his receiver numbers and I use this analogy with Greg Plitt.

           There are a lot of great marketable top fitness models but I don’t believe that anybody will touch his numbers as a cover model. I think when people starting crowning other people as the number one guy it fuels Greg and it makes him continue to crush the industry with his face all over the covers of magazines all over the world. You look in the stands right now as we speak and this guy is not slowing down at all on covers. With all the success he has had he still isn’t satisfied and I think that is why he will be the best in the fitness industry until he retires. Michael Jordan was the best player in the NBA until he decided he didn’t want to do it anymore and same thing goes with Greg.

         This is a tip to all aspiring fitness models and the top ones too:  “Being able to be perceived as a fitness personality or fitness icon is more than just having great abs or being the most ripped or even winning a competition. It is about having the ability, platform and network to influence thousands to millions of people consistently and this comes from having some type of intellect and education that allows you to brand yourself in way where people will follow what you say and what you do. You cannot put a price tag on that type of power and influence and very few possess that in this industry.” This is what embodies Greg Plitt and why he is the number one fitness icon and fitness personality in the world today. It is not even a debate honestly!