Top Fitness Model Obi Obadike gives fitness tip on Eating Late At Night

Top Fitness Model and Trainer Obi Obadike gives Fitness tip on Eating Late At Night



Fitness Tip On Eating Late At Night: Eating Late night leads to weight gain because the food you eat won’t digest properly because your body is asleep and your stomach is resting which causes weight gain. If you eat dinner at 6pm or before your body is still working and will digest the food appropriately and properly.

Try to avoid late night eating at all costs but if you do have to eat late at night because you train later in the evening or you work late please make sure the food is healthy and high in protein.  Also make sure to avoid carbs at all costs late at night because it will store in your body as fat.   Your last meal ideally should be anywhere between 6pm and 8pm. 

Another thing why eating at night causes weight gain because it disrupts your metabolism processes and circadian rhythm. Most weight loss success stories were due to individuals consuming their last meal before 8pm.  Drinking lots of water throughout the evening is a great way to help suppress your appetite at night and will help make you full so you won’t have the munchies on junk food. Remember that if you are truly serious about attaining your fitness goals one of the key ingredients is minimizing late night eating.

If you can do that on top of eating healthy and training consistently you will lose weight as well as get lean I can promise you that.  I hope this blog gives some understanding about eating late at night and the pitfalls from it.  Even I’ve had personal issues with late at night eating because I do most of my work at night but I just make sure that I do eat late that is very high in protein and no carbs and very litle fat.

Obi Obadike