Top Fitness Model Obi Obadike's Fitness Tip Blog

Top Fitness Model Obi Obadike's Fitness Tip Blog

Read my blog on The five reasons To Drink Water are:

1) It speeds up your metabolism and the cold water actually revs up your metabolism throughout the day. 6 to 8 glassses of water per day is ideal for anybody that is trying to lose weight.

2) Drinking water reduces and helps curb your appetite and helps you from overeating. The more hydrated you are the more your hunger will disappear.

3) Water improves the complexion of your skin and helps to keep your skin fresh of blemishes.

4) Drinking water increases your energy levels. Many people in our society walk around with very little to no energy because they are dehydrated. You need to consistently drink water throughout the day to increase your energy levels.

5) Drinking water helps to eliminate bloating. If you are bloated from eating a salt meal, PMS or drinking alchohol well drinking water really helps to flush that excess water out.