Making Excuses Blog In Staying In Shape

You know we all get very busy in our lives that allow us to neglect certain things in our lives such as going to the gym or staying in shape. In fact even I’ve made excuses at times when I am lazy or tired and just don’t want to work out. It is ok to take time off from time to time from going to the gym but understand that your health should be like your daily hygiene such as taking a shower or brushing your teeth. Most people in society don’t neglect these things because it is so important. That is essentially how you should look at staying in shape. We all want to live long productive lives for our family and it first starts with consistency as well as making it a priority of working out and going to the gym.

The excuses of I have great genetics is a played out excuse and even the thinnest person in the world who doesn’t work out doesn’t mean that the person is the healthiest. Replace the excuses with I want to be as healthy and I want to live a long productive life. The only way to do this is to get up and work out whether it is walking, jogging, push-ups or just using resistance bands. Working out is a working out no matter what you do as long as your active and moving. We live in such an intelligent society but unfortunately we are a lazy society and the obesity rate in this country mirrors that. If we as a society can minimize the excuses we can be a much healthier society as well as increase the life expectancy rate. I hope this message reaches the person that wants to be in shape but hasn’t exerted the energy to do what is necessary to get there.