Sprinting- Running as fast as you can is an incredible high. The explosive feeling is absolutely unreal if you have ever ran full speed.

Why Sprint for a workout?

Sprints is great at losing body-fat, building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Building glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads and abs.

Arguably the best and the most efficient cardio you can do to strip bodyfat is sprinting. Intense sprints heightens EPOC- What is EPOC- (Exercise Oxygen Post Consumption) aka known as the after burn effect.

The higher intensity of the sprint the greater the after burn calorie effect after the workout. Which is the amount of calories burned post workout.

Now the after burn effect after the workout scientifically isn’t that much contrary to what you may read in fitness magazines.

But when you add it cumulatively over a period of time like 30 days or longer the added after burn effect adds up pretty quickly.

We all want to be able burn calories even when we are not working out. Hence why sprinting is a great efficient anaerobic cardio workout to do.

Special Note: Don’t run them full speed to avoid injury- 50 to 65% speed

Sample sprint-workout: (10 to 12)-100 meter Sprints- 2 to 3 days a week