Sometimes when you are going through stress, have a lot of stuff on your mind or going through the crisis situations you need an outlet to release that emotion and tension. Well that’s what the gym has always done for me. And I believe it does that for many people too. As it allows you to release that stress, emotion or just take your mind away temporarily whatever you are going through.

Does the problem go away after you leave the gym? No! But I will tell you this when you are done exercising in the gym you will feel a lot better. Forget the vanity aspect of exercise just minimally the mental component of what it does for you is like no other antidepressant drug. I’ve always said that going to the gym is the best natural antidepressant. So I would advise anybody that has any stress, anxiety, sadness, etc. to vent that out at a gym. If it’s even open in your state hopefully it is.

And many times you will have a better a sense of mental clarity when you are done. I think most people these days need some form of outlet to exercise/vent when they are feeling emotionally, economically and mentally distraught from Covid-19. And especially with what’s been going on socially and culturally in our society.

Photo Credit: GW Burns