I had someone reach out to me on Instagram who said her Doctor said to not eat fruit or apples because it has a lot of sugar and she will have difficulty losing weight. He basically told her to stop eating apples.

How are you going to have trouble losing weight eating fruit? When fruit is low in calories and high in nutrients? An apple is 81 calories, A banana is 121 calories, this organic Raspberries that I am carrying in my hand is 64 calories.

Also fruit is high in fiber and that fiber is going to make you more fuller signaling your body to eat less food.

You are not going to get fat or become over weight eating fruit the calories is just not high enough.

I have respect for medical Doctors because you have to be in school a long time and getting into medical school and then graduating medical school and then going to residency is not easy.

You have to be really intelligent to pass all those courses throughout pre med, medical school, residency, etc. But that doesn’t mean that you have the education to give nutrition advice, weight loss advice or exercise advice to a patient.

You should outsource that advice/information to someone who has more experience and expertise in that arena.