Who wants to take a whey protein that tastes horrible? Obiwhey protein is tasty and sweet without the normal artificial sweeteners that other whey protein products.

One of the great things about our Obiwhey is not only does it have 20 grams of protein per serving but it has complex carbs associated with the concentrated whey. Which helps to give an even insulin response.

The complex carbs with the added fiber will make you feel fuller and not as hungry. It also has BCAA’s in there which helps with muscle soreness, recovery and reduce fatigue….

So you won’t have to buy an additional BCAA product. BCAA’s also have an anti-aging effect because it increases the formation of new miticondria. It’s been found to extend the lifespan in rats in studies.

If you have an injury and can’t train for sometime BCAA’s will help to minimize muscle loss. And the preservation of lean muscle mass can keep your metabolism firing.

Studies have shown that people with more BCAA’s in their diet have lower body-fat and better body composition.

Obi-Whey has no added sugar, low sodium, low fat and gluten free. Try it out and other amazing products we have at www.obistrong.com and receive a free 12 week exercise ebook.