Over the last 2 years I’ve been working on finding the right team to launch a new supplement brand. I paired up with one of the best formulators and doctors in the country to create a new supplement brand line called Obistrong.

I actually stopped taking supplements a couple of years ago because I didn’t trust the ingredients in most of the supplement products that are out there today.

I’ve been disgusted with the supplement industry in general because of some of the garbage ingredients in many supplements that are being sold.

And that motivated me to start my own supplement brand line. And do it the right way with a highly experienced business/marketing partnership team backing me in this new brand.

All products are scientifically and medically validated. No stimulants, low sodium, low sugar, gluten free and of the highest quality ingredients wise. And there is absolutely no proprietary blends so you know what is actually in our products.

Because I know supplements don’t do the work by itself we are also taking the extra step in offering a free 12 week exercise ebook for any purchase of our products.

My job as the face and the co-founder of this obistrong brand is not just to sell you supplements. But to motivate, educate and influence you to lead a healthy lifestyle. We will always do that as a brand.

Go to Obistrong.com and try our products out and get healthier and fit again. Free 12 week exercise ebook created by me with any purchase:)

Happy New Year everybody!!!!