Obi Obadike receives the Honorary Fellowship award in Nigeria by the (IREP)-Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals for his contributions to the growth and development in the fitness industry in Nigeria.

On July 23rd, 2016 Obi was given the Honorary fellowship award in Nigeria for his contributions to the growth and development in the fitness industry in Nigeria by the IREP- (Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals for Nigeria).

The IREP is a recognized governing body for fitness professionals in Nigeria. It was established to provide Nigerian fitness professionals with certification and continuing education and professional support.

It’s a very prestigious award from what I was told and the first of its kind. When it was brought to Obi’s attention that they wanted to honor him and give this award in Nigeria for what he has done in the fitness industry. He asked “Why are you honoring me I don’t live there as I live in the U.S and what have I actually done in Nigeria to receive an honor like this?” “And one of the execs of this organization said that “Although, you don’t live in Nigeria you carry the name proudly as an ambassador for fitness. And your education, talks and what you have accomplished as a fitness expert are inspirational to many people in Nigeria who are interested and follow fitness. You are a role model to many Nigerian youths who have an interest in fitness and you have a lot of followers here”.

IREPVideoAcceptance1Obi has always felt and known that his impact, influence and reach globally in the fitness industry is far greater than the amount of social media followers I have.  And I guess the reason is for that is because he has created so much content for so many years on the biggest media platforms out via TV, internet, print, etc. This prestigious international award in Nigeria in many ways validates what he has always known.

Here is an image of the plaque that they gave him commemorating this honor with his name and the inscription and also an image of the ceremony in Nigeria with Obi accepting the award through video.

Nigeria has a population of slightly over 187 million people so to have any type of influence there with that amount of people is an honor and to receive such a prestigious award is very flattering. Obi says, “I hope I can continue to be an inspiration, ambassador and positive influence when it comes to health and wellness to many people in Nigeria and all of Africa.”