Top Fitness Model Obi Obadike Lands UK-Ultra-Fit Magazine Cover- Feb/Mar- 2010 issue

Top Fitness Model Obi Obadike Lands UK-Ultra-Fit Magazine Cover- Feb/Mar- 2010 issue


You can never land any of these by yourself and if I didn’t acknowledge these individuals I would be doing a huge disservice to this cover. I have to first Thank Dave Pamah because if it wasn’t for Dave introducing me to the publisher- John Shepherd this cover never would have existed.
Dave, thank you for going out of your way and connecting me with John. Dave you’re a good friend and a good person and I really appreciate you helping me.

I also want to thank John Shepherd the publisher of the magazine for giving me this incredible opportunity. For him to give me this opportunity even though I don’t live in Europe is really something special and I don’t take stuff like this for granted whatsoever. I look forward to meeting you John when I come out for the Body-power Expo in May and I am also looking forward to writing for the magazine as well. Thank you for what you do John in terms of putting out a quality magazine to serve the readers in Europe.

I want to thank one of my best friends in the industry Ms 2009 Bikini Universe Champion Natalia Muntean for the opportunity to shoot with her in Florida. It was an honor to work with you. You have such an incredible bright future in this industry and you are one of the top three most marketable fitness models in the industry today. To shoot an image two months ago in Florida and to turn it into a cover so quickly is really something special and unique.

Last but not least I have thank one of the most talented photographers that I’ve ever worked with in GW Burns. G it was an honor to work with you buddy. You’ve been a good friend to me and have giving me great business advice as well as tough love in this industry. I will always appreciate your friendship and also the business relationship we have.

Every fitness model that is looking to shoot with a photographer that will make you look your very best you need to shoot with GW Burns. His turn around in getting images back to you are faster than anybody I’ve ever worked with. GW Burns is going to be one of the big names in this fitness industry for a very long time. This is just the first of many covers for this great photographer. I look to working with you again buddy.

Please support Ultra-fit magazine and buy this cover. I also have a cover story in this issue of the magazine. I want to Thank Audrey for writing the cover story on me as she did a great job on writing the piece on me. It is in stands all over Europe and I just got word that it will be in stands in selected places in the U.S. such as California, Florida, Arizona and Atlanta.

I have to also thank my good friend Mark Rupp for being a good friend to me the past month. Thanks Mark for everything buddy. You are a good man!

*6th cover in the last 4 and ½ months.
*3 covers out for the month of February- more covers in one month than any fitness model in the world this year thus far.
*First black fitness model to have three covers out in a month.
*First American male fitness model to grace the cover of Ultra-Fit Magazine.

God is good!

SBL Sponsored Athlete Obi Obadike