Why am I not losing weight on Ozempic? Plateaus are very common when you lose a significant amount of weight once you get close to your weight loss goal or if you lose 10 to 15% of your body weight. One of the best ways to get past a weight loss plateau is changing your exercise and diet routine. And one of those examples is as simple as increasing your exercise activity or decreasing your caloric food intake.

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Ozempic is a Type 2 diabetes drug and one of the side effects to it is weight loss and that is why it is so popular because so many people are losing weight on this drug. What the drug does is it suppresses your appetite and makes you eat less food.

You just have to be careful when you are on this drug that you are eating enough food that will keep your metabolism firing. If you don’t eat enough food, it will slow your metabolism and make it difficult for you to lose weight.

The most important thing if you take Ozempic is not to rely on this 100% and still develop unhealthy habits of not eating right or exercising. You should still incorporate positive habits like eating health and exercising regularly to help you with your weight loss.

A lot of people when they get off the Ozempic drug they gain weight back unfortunately. So, your consistent diet and exercise habits are what will carry you through and prevent you from gaining weight while off the drug.

There was a 2022 published clinical trial of more than 2000 people that indicated that people who stopped taking 2.4 mg weekly of Semaglutide injections gained about two thirds of their weight back within a year. That same 2022 trial showed that patients lost an average of 15% of their bodyweight and up to 23% of their bodyweight.

Clinical trials have shown that patients can lose 15% of their body weight by taking 2.4 mg doses of Ozempic once per week.

The Bottom Line is why I am not losing weight on Ozempic is you have lost significant amount of weight, and you are close to your weight loss goal.

Once you lose 15 to 20% of your weight it is common to reach a plateau. Also, if you are not incorporating positive lifestyle habits with the drug like exercise or diet then plateaus tend to happen sooner than later.

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