I took this image a couple of weeks ago after my workout. Always train naturally it’s the best way to go knowing what really is your true human body potential. The human body is absolutely amazing if you just trust the conventional process of exercising and eating the right way. And stop following these quick fix solutions diets and programs. If you train naturally your gains are permanent and your drop-off even if you take time off is minimal.

My current weight is about 212bs. I put my current numbers in that Fat Free Mass Index calculator which accounts for a person’s lean muscle mass and it had me about 25. I’m literally at the very edge as a natural based on that index. That FFMI index calculator index says that anybody above a 25 is indicative of somebody using steroids or banned substance. If you have a score of 24 to 25 you are genetically/elite/gifted.

If you are curious what yours is here is the link below whether you are a male or female. You do have to have a good idea of what your body fat is to get a current score. Smash your fitness goals! Build your body parts don’t buy it. Because we all know when it’s absolutely fake. Lol.

Here is the link to the fat free mass index calculator.