Most Women want shapelier butts and most Guys want rock hard abs. The best workout to build both is sprinting. I would advise doing it on a track during the warm weather seasons like now.

– Don’t do it full speed or you will be susceptible to pulling a hamstring. I would say do it 50 to 65% speed and you will obtain great residual benefits to it.

– Sample sprinting workout- Ten-Twelve 100 Meter Sprints and about two days a week duration wise. Sprint the 100 and then your rest is walking back to the starting line to proceed with the next sprint.

– Text book form: High knee lift and arm form swinging in a 90 degree Angle like you are picking something from your pocket.

– Make sure your arms are not swinging away from your body or your arms are not crossing your body. Which honestly is horrible form?

Photo Credit: Joe Mikoli