Detox diets they sure promise a lot when it comes to weight loss. But does it really deliver and is it really sustainable? Are detox diets really healthy or is just another weight loss fad?
I realize Detox’s are very popular in the health and wellness industry but because of the ridiculous weight loss claims. But think about this: Why would you have to detox honestly? Especially when your organs, liver, digestive system and immune system already do the job to get rid of toxins. There is no medical scientific research out there that says you need an outside source for your body to cleanse itself. Nor is there research that says it will flush the toxins out of your system.

When you detox or juice you lose the fiber because you separate the fiber from the juice during the mechanical pulverizing process. Your body needs fiber for satiety purposes, bad cholesterol lowering, etc. Being on a liquid diet will never get you the required amount of calories to maintain your lean muscle mass or maintain reasonable energy levels.
In fact you are going to lean muscle mass which in turn will slow your metabolism. And when you juice/ detox you lose protein, whole grains and complex carbs. Short term you might lose a little weight but once you start eating whole foods you are going to gain that weight back. What is the point of losing weight if you are going to gain the weight back? Especially if the weight loss is more water than actual body-fat.

So the long term approach it is absolutely counterproductive health and wellness wise.

What are the negative effects to detox diets? Low Blood Sugar, fatigue, low energy, nausea, light-headed, muscle aches, etc.

Think about this how are you going to even have the energy to exercise if you are detoxing? You are not going to have the energy at all. And you are going to get enough calories to the support the physical exertion of a strenuous workout. Your body is the best weapon in removing and flushing out toxins and you don’t need to get on some silly detox diet to accomplish that.