Check out our new diet and exercise book cover called “The Cut”. It was a lot of work over the last 2 years to get to this point and I am just glad that the hard part of this book is over.

It is rewarding when you work so hard at something and then once it’s done it exceeds what you thought it could be. This book project I can honestly say I literally gave everything to this book.

We have some amazing weight loss focus group transformations that are gracing the back of this cover and featured in this book. They are really the faces of this book in all honesty.

We had a good guy named Mike Hopper who lost 115 pounds, Rome Douglas who lost 79 pounds, Tiaja Pierre who lost 30 pounds, Jeffrey Smith who lost 50 pounds, Scott Carter who lost 36 pounds, Rose Bolton who lost 28 pounds. Sharad Cara, Tyrone Foster, Stevland Turner, Dionne Desiree Davis, Lorri Graham and many other standout transformations that were part of this book.

Without all of those incredible people being associated with this book then it would be hard for this book to really come alive and connect with the average person that wants to get their old body back. I want to thank every one of those amazing people that trusted me to be part of their weight loss journey.

Media wise we are booked on about 7 of the biggest national DayTime Talk-shows across the country which is pretty exciting and still growing. In the next couple of weeks I will announce every Talk show we will be on.

I want to thank Noel Daganta being the photographer who shot this cover and shot the exercise images in the book. He did a great job on the cover.

We have a book signing in LA on April 24 that Eso Won Books at 7pm and another book signing in Northvale, New Jersey on April 18th at Books&Greetings at 7pm.

I also want to thank my co-author Morris Chestnut in wanting to work with me on this book project. He is a good humble man and a great friend! His celebrity name, profile and status is really what helped to get this book the mainstream national attention that it deserves.

For presale order now you can go to The book will be available nationwide in stores on April 18th.

Photo Credit: Noel Daganta