We all wanted to be motivated to be the best we can be, but sometime we all need that extra external something to help us with that. Whether it is trying to find motivation to get in the gym or get in the best shape possible; or the motivation to do what is necessary to get that high paying job promotion; or the motivation to work hard in college and graduate with a degree.

Not everybody has the internal motivation to always accomplish goals so we try to use external things such as being around positive people, using visual images, writing what we want to do on paper and many other unique things to help us with that.  Here at eight tips that will help you stay motivated on any goal you want to accomplish and achieve.

First Tip

Being around people that are successful and positive that have what you want.  Being around positive and successful people will always breed extra motivation to go above and beyond after your goals. Their positive and success will motivate you to after what you want.

Second Tip

Write everything down on a piece of paper what you want to accomplish because seeing it written down will help to motivate you to do what is necessary to go after it.

Third Tip

Mentally visualize exactly what you want. If you think about it on regular basis you will always stay motivated to accomplish it.

Fourth Tip

Disassociate and remove negative individuals from your life that don’t believe you can accomplish what your goals are. If they constantly tell you that they don’t believe that you can accomplish your goals how will you stay motivated to accomplish those goals?

Fifth Tip

Post pictures of the individuals or people that motivate you on your refrigerator because when you look at them on a daily basis it will act as a motivational reminder to you that you want what they have whatever that maybe. Whether it is their fancy job or career or their physical appearance, their lifestyle or maybe because you just admire them for the positive things that they do.

Sixth Tip

Keep yourself as healthy as possible both mentally and physically because when you are not healthy it is very difficult to stay motivated to do anything. Having a good mental space is such an influential component in helping you staying positive and making you stay motivated to go after your goals. Unhealthiness breeds unhappiness which doesn’t lead to much motivation to want to do anything.

Seventh Tip

You can’t build an empire or the rock of Gibraltar overnight. Be patient when it comes to the things you want to achieve because even though we all want things to happen by tomorrow that is not how things work. Patience is like knowing it will happen for you but not necessarily at that time that you may want it. The things that you are motivated to want to accomplish will happen when they are supposed to happen. Many times it being when the least expected. The most important thing is to never lose sight on what you want and never lose the motivation to get there.

Eighth Tip

One of the things that will always help you stay motivated is when you continuously work on the task at hand at things that need to be accomplish. Working hard on your goal and seeing you get closer week by week will help you to continue to stay motivated. Hard work and seeing regular progress will always breed more motivation.

Stay motivated folks and don’t let anybody derail your motivation and dreams.