Top Fitness Model Obi Obadike Is The New Face Of The ISO BO

Top Fitness Model Obi Obadike Is The New Face Of The ISO BO- Photo Credit: Noel Daganta









I just signed the biggest contract of my career as the new global face, brand and lead spokesperson for the most innovative fitness product called the ISO BO and all of ISO Gear fitness equipment products.  My contract calls for me to be the lead global spokesperson in all domestic and international infomercials, commercials, international tradeshows, etc that we will have marketing this product as well as other ISO Gear products all over the world.

 The infomercial for the ISO BO will be launching very soon globally on television.  This product is a 2 and ½ pound device that will kick your butt anerobically and aerobically more than 400 different ways.

             I have never in my life seen or worked a fitness equipment product that is so small and can do so much to your overall body. I totally believe that this fitness product will break a lot of records in terms of how it will sell and will without a doubt in my unbiased opinion be one of the best selling fitness equipment products ever.

 For the last 2 years I’ve worked so hard in this fitness industry and I’ve prayed and I’ve waited to get an opportunity like this. I just didn’t think that an opportunity like this would come to me this soon in my career but I do believe if you worked tirelessly at something anything can happen.

 To be honest with you I am still in disbelief and in a dream that ISO Gear LLC has signed me as their spokesperson and given me this incredible opportunity.  If I didn’t thank these people I would be discrediting this incredible accolade.

 I want to Thank Sonya Morgan, Harry Mok, the inventor, Gary Hum, Jerry Lum, Trevor Albrecht, the rest of ISO Gear team, Rebecca Hahn, Natalia Muntean, Basheerah Ahmad, my Father, mother and my brother U.D,  fans and everybody else in my circle that has supported me unconditionally in my career the last 2 years. I’ve always said that your success is only as good as the friends, family and fans that support you along the way. So I say to everybody who has always supported me Thank You! To view the official press release of my signing with ISO Gear LLC you can go to