My experience in Australia could not be described in words. To be a featured guest at a natural bodybuilding and fitness show was an honor and privliege. Everybody was incredibly hospitable and nice to me at the show. There was a lot of great young fitness talent I witnessed at the show that you’l see on covers in Australia very soon.

The cover shoot I had several days ago was incredible and from speaking to the editor there will be a couple of covers that will come out of that shoot for me. I am really excited about this first cover as I think it will be one of the best covers I’ve ever done. It’s a spectacular shot that modestly speaking I think will sell off the roof. In fact I’ve seen the image that will be used and I love it.

From a business standpoint there will be lots of things that Steve Jones publisher of Australian Natural Bodz and I wil be doing together in the near future that I am excited about. We are in negotiations of producing a male and female fitness model search competition in Australia which will be tied to Australian Natural Bodz magazine. It will be an Australian Natural Bodz Male and Female Fitness Model Search contest. There isn’t a show like this at all in Australia and we plan on making this the first.

And we are also in negotiations of producing fitness model workshops for people that are interested in knowing how to be a successful fitness model and also how to prepare for this competition. The way it looks God-willingly I will be making a couple of trips a year to Australia for some of the workshops and competitions we plan on producing here as well as shoots that we’ll be lined up for me.

I want to Thank Steve Jones personally for promoting me the way he did out here in Australia and featuring me in his magazine as well as giving me the cover and supplement shoot opportunities. It’s an honor to me because this magazine is a natural magazine that serves Australia. There are so many American magazines that are in Australia already so this is one of the few magazines that feature just Australian fitness models and bodybuilders. To be given my own column knowing that the magazine doesnt really feature Americans is a privilege and I am humbled by it tremendously. The magazine is 99.9 Australian and I guess I am the .1% of the magazine that isn’t. I am the token American fitness model with the magazine and I am so fine with

I want to thank every competitor at the ANB show that came up to me and said hello. You all were simply amazing. I was humbled that so many people wanted to take my picture. I want to thank all of the ANB judges for doing such a great job such as Ron, Robert and Phil. I see all of you as my new extended fitness family. I hope to see everybody very soon next year. Stay fit everybody and be blessed.