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The Most Powerful Fat Loss System On The Internet

Hi I am Obi and in the next 5 to 6 minutes I am going to share with you in this video what’s been called

The Most Powerful Fat Loss System On The Internet

It’s Guaranteed To Transform Your Body Forever In just 60 to 90 Days Flat!

Hello my name is Obi Obadike fitness celebrity and fitness expert I am going to share with you a few minutes in this video what has been called the Ultimate Fat Loss system for men and women. If you are not a believer check out the amazing fat loss transformations in this video or scroll down and read and see their heartfelt authentic personal testimonials and transformations.

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Three Free Fitness Tips

  • 1st Tip: 80 percent of your success in losing weight and getting leaner is the diet and if your diet isn’t on point it will be hard for you to lose the weight.
  • 2nd Tip: You don’t need to do starve yourself and do 3 hours of cardio a day to get the body you want and to lose the belly fat and obtain a flat stomach or abs. You just to have to be on the right diet formatted for your body-type to help you lose the fat the right way.
  • 3rd Tip: Don’t be afraid of carbs! Carbs will not hurt you it will help you with your fat loss and give you the energy to function throughout the day and in your workout.

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Just 60 to 90 Days Fat Loss Transformation

How many times have you hired a trainer or even bought a diet and training program and it didn’t work for you? Well this happens to most people unfortunately that buy fat loss programs but I can guarantee you it will not happen if you buy the Ultimate Fat Loss System for Men and Women

Hello my name is Obi Obadike and I’ve been blessed to have had some incredible success in helping to transform many people all over the world.

I’ve graced over 30 magazines covers globally and I’ve been featured in 100’s of fitness magazines. I’ve written 100’s of fitness articles as a columnist for many fitness magazines globally and I’ve hosted fitness seminars for people like you that are struggling to lose weight all over the world helping to motivate and educate people globally to get in the best shape possible.

I have the most popular fat loss column called Ask The Ripped Dude on the internet for the biggest fitness internet site in the world for bodybuilding.com. That column has educated millions and millions of people like you every month to lose fat and get lean. I’ve also transformed 1000’s of people to lose weight with this proven fat loss system called Ultimate Fat Loss system designed for men and women.

The reason why so many diet and training programs or fat loss systems don’t work is because you have so many so called fitness experts that give the same diet and training programs to the same person that either weighs 120 pounds or 240 pounds which never works for anybody.

The reason why my fat loss system is so effective is the diet and training system is formatted specifically for your specific body-type on how much you weigh so it allows you to lose a minimum of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Also there are different levels of training in the system based on your experience level. So whether you are a 16, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 70 yearold person there is a training program formatted for your age level and experience so you are not overwhelmed with a training program you can’t do.

I truly love what I do which is to help you get in the best shape possible so you can have the confidence to feel good about yourself. I guarantee you if you buy the Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women
system it will change your life forever and you won’t have to pay 100’s or thousands of dollars to get there.

My goal in creating this was to make this affordable for everybody in any country. I look forward to seeing you as the next Ultimate Fat Loss Transformation in just 60 to 90 days. If you are still skeptical about all of this scroll down and check out the amazing fat loss transformations and their heartfelt testimonials below or google me to verify my credibility as a fitness professional and fitness expert.

Your Friend,

Obi Obadike


Click Here To Download The Most Powerful Fat Loss System on the internet – Instant Access!
Order 24 Hours a Day 7 Days A Week

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You are getting the best fat loss ebooks on the internet in “Ultimate Fat Loss System For Men and Women.

You are receiving the powerful fat loss system for men and women on the internet in “Ultimate Fat Loss System For Men and Women Ebook Series“

Ultimate Fat loss For Men and Women

First Ebook – Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women Fat Loss Ebook

  • Learn where fat comes from; The difference between obesity vs overweight
  • Learn how to measure your body-fat
  • How to figure out your basil metabolic rate which is your metabolism
  • When is the best time to do cardio
  • The best fat burning foods
  • How important it is to warm up
  • What is the best body-fat percent for your age and for health purposes
  • 20 Simple Keys to Boost the Fat burning Process and many other things about fatloss.


Ultimate Fat loss For Men and Women

Second Ebook – Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women Fat Loss Diet Program Ebook

The fat loss diets and meal plans are designed for your specific weight to help you lose the fat in 60 to 90 days


Ultimate Fat loss For Men and Women

Third Ebook- Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women Training Program Ebook

  • Gym training exercises program- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
  • Home body-weight training exercises program- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
  • Outdoor sprinting training exercises program- Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Levels-

The training program has gym training exercises, home training exercises, outdoor training exercises and it has Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Levels


Ultimate Fat loss For Men and Women

4th Ebook – Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women Supplement Guide Ebook

The supplement guide has specific supplements that will assist you along with the Fat Loss system to help you lose the fat.

  • What Protein supplements to take?
  • What are the best fat burners to take?
  • What is the best pre-workout supplement?
  • Information on Multi-Vitamins and many more?


Ultimate Fat loss For Men and Women

5th ebook- Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women Training Instructional Manual Ebook

This is a training manual that has pictures of some of the exercises in the gym training portion of the system. This training manual will guide you in case you are not familiar with any of the training exercises.

  • Has pictures of most of the gym exercises you would be doing along with descriptions on how to execute each exercise.


Ultimate Fat loss For Men and Women

Sixth Ebook – Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women- Cheat Meal Healthy Recipes

This has cheat meal recipes that you can eat on your cheat meal day that are low calorie and healthy and were created by Celebrity Nutritionist Christine Avante-

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Click Here To Download The Most Powerful Fat Loss System on the internet – Instant Access!
Order 24 Hours a Day 7 Days A Week

Testimonial Quotes from Some of the Top Fitness Editors and Publishers in the fitness industry

Publisher of Ultra-Fit Magazine-UK- Quote: “A fitness magazine of 21 years that is distributed all over Europe, U.S, Canada, Greece, etc- “Obi has a tremendous amount of credibility as one of the world’s top experts in fat loss which is why he is a fitness expert columnists for Ultra-Fit magazine. He is a very popular writer among the readers of our magazine.”

John Shepherd


Publisher of Ultimate Fitness Magazine- Quote: “A fitness magazine distributed in Nigeria and West Africa- “Obi is the biggest fitness icon in Nigeria and the readers of our magazine are always waiting to read his fitness/fat loss articles in our magazine. If you want the best fitness and fat loss expert Obi is your guy and what he has done to his physique as well as others completely shows that.

Chinonso Anayahie


Publisher of Australian Natural Bodz and Natural Bodz Fitness magazine- Australian Natural Bodz- The only natural bodybuilding and fitness magazine in Australia. Natural Bodz fitness Magazine – A new top U.S Fitness Magazine.
“There is a plethora of information available on fat loss these days, just do a simple Google search and watch how many sites come up! So who do you believe out of the 100 million websites that pop up in those search results?
First and foremost you need to find someone who not only talks the talk but walks and walk, Obi not only walks the walk he wins the race when it comes to advice on fat loss. His abs is there 365 days a year, not for just a few weeks at a time.
Obi is no part-timer, he is a full time fitness professional who looks great all year round, when it comes to advice on getting ripped and ready for a competition, or getting an incredible six pack….Obi is your man.”

Steve Jones


“In an industry composed almost exclusively of individuals trying to champion new trends and make false promises of rapid weight loss, immediate muscle gains and instant transformations, it’s very hard to decipher the truth from the hyperbole. The best way to find the truth, however, isn’t difficult: Follow the proof. Obi Obadike has helped countless individuals reclaim their health and fitness, often guiding each client to a startling transformation. If you’re looking for the real deal and want advice from a true fat-loss expert, Obi is your man. The proof will be in the lean, strong and healthier body his advice may bring to your life.”

Michael Demederio
Editor of Men’s Fitness


“Obi is definitely one of the top fitness/fat loss experts in the industry and it is evident based on his client’s transformations and also based on his credibility as a writer for so many magazines all over the world. He has been a top fitness expert columnist for Inside Fitness magazine for over a year now and many of our readers look forward to reading his articles so they can get in better shape.”

Terry Frendo
Publisher of Inside Fitness


Obi Obadike’s training system is about obtaining razor-cut results in the shortest period. If you have the mindset and determination, he can help take your physique to levels you only once could dream about.”

Tammy Renee
Publisher of World Physique Magazine

Testimonial Quotes from some of clients


Val Algood’s Personal Testimonial: “I am a mother of two. A beautiful two year old toddler girl and a wonderful 8mo old baby boy. I have always been “in shape” because I worked “hard” for it. I played sports and just played around at the gym. I ate how I wanted but never over board. After having my daughter I bounced right back into shape. I am in the military and a police officer so I stay pretty active. I thought that was the best shape that I could be. I became pregnant with my second and last child last year. After giving birth to my son I felt like I couldn’t get my mojo back. I felt like that was going to be the body I was stuck in, and I began making excuses for myself. I went from 142 to 180 at the end of the pregnancy.
When it was all over I could only get down to 166 and I felt like that was for me. I felt like that until I was too depressed to be happy with and for my kids. I joined a site called bodybuilding.com and found a program there that I was trying. The program was suggestive in what to eat but not exact. Then I saw a trainer whom was mentioned on the site and I went to look at his page. I saw that he gave trainings for an inexpensive amount of funds. I thought it was a hoax and that someone was about to walk away with my cash, but I was desperate and knew that if he was mentioned on this site then someone else tried him and these people on this site are real people. So I gave it a try. I emailed Obi Obadike and asked for help. He replied so fast so that’s why I figured even more that it was a hoax.
But he kept replying and sending me updates and I started to feel better in the first two weeks. Then my weight started dropping. Then I could see body changes. I never met this guy; we never talked on the phone. We just emailed and he changed my mentality about people and my body in three months and just kept updating my program. It was up to me to do the work. I broke the workouts up and did a workout twice a day (weights in the morning, and cardio in the afternoon). I’m not afraid of weights, I’m not afraid of my body, and I’m never again giving excuses or allowing anyone else I care about for that matter to do so eighter. I told him what I wanted and he gave me that and more. He is so worth it, thank you Obi. This is a body after two kids and this is only the beginning!!”

Best Regards,
Val Algood


Nadine Personal’s Testimonial: “I was your ordinary homemaker, mother, and wife running daily errands and keeping the “business” of my family’s life running prior to 2011. I was a 44 year old female, married, with three children. I was not a person that was in the gym on a regular basis, nor was I even that physically active before I started with Obi, but I thought I was in decent shape. That is until I found it hard to go for a bike ride with my family without having to stop because it was difficult for me to breathe. Even carrying things up and down the stairs started to be an effort for me. I realized that something was wrong and my health was declining when I hit rock bottom in the Spring of 2011. That last straw came when my family and I went on a vacation to Disney World and I couldn’t even push a stroller up the ramp to the monorail without thinking I was going to pass out. Now mind you, at the time I was only 129 pounds and while I was unhappy with my appearance, I really didn’t think I fit into the “unhealthy” category. “This is it” I remember thinking. I had to do something. I was NOT prepared to leave my kids motherless at such a young age. I had to take control of my body and I had to do it now.
My husband and oldest son had already started going to the gym regularly in 2010. After our trip to Disney and my life changing experience, I decided to join them in Summer 2011. So, off to the gym I went. It was time for me to get acclimated with the gym and its intimidating environment. I started out slowly, and weaned myself into going 3-4 days per week doing anything I was comfortable with. I started out slowly, just going to classes and doing cardio, such as the treadmill and EFX machine. In the beginning, I found I could not stay on the cardio machines for very long without becoming very winded and exhausted. I thought I was going to pass out or die. What was wrong with me? I couldn’t believe I was this out of shape. So I visited my doctor and my cardiologist and received both good and bad news. The good news: they informed me that it was just conditioning. The bad news: turn it around now or face a lifetime of deteriorating, and eventually debilitating health.
I got down to 114 pounds and 26% body fat on my own, but I knew I needed that extra push to go any further. My husband shared Obi’s training program with me and I convinced myself to try it. What did I have to lose? It was either going to make me or break me.
When I received the training and nutrition plan from Obi, I thought “this is going to be a drastic change for me.” This was the first time I had ever hired a trainer. Could I do this? I didn’t want to fail. I couldn’t fail. For my kids, for my husband, and for Obi….I couldn’t fail. I was going to succeed.
I didn’t miss a beat following Obi’s program. (This is critical for success) I got to the gym every day that Obi required. I was determined….. even though the weight I began with looked so light compared to the others in the weight room. I pressed on and stuck to the program.
In addition to the weight training, there were nutritional changes that had to be made. We needed to change the way we ate as a family and that was not easy. We made small changes at first, but eventually found there were an unlimited number of good choices and good recipes to choose from. Obi’s guidance during phone calls gave me ideas that the whole family could live with. His suggestions really helped. And did I mention that he works into his training programs cheat days so you don’t go crazy? I was in heaven! I could tell he had been here himself before because he seemed to have thought of everything. I found that I had to eat more meals to lose the weight which puzzled me since I was never been a big eater to begin with. What I learned was that while I didn’t eat a lot of food before starting the program, I was eating all the wrong things.
After about 5 weeks on Obi’s program, the little things I was doing in the gym and in the kitchen were beginning to pay off. My breathing got better, and I was starting to see changes with my appearance. Obi’s suggestions for me to find patience, persistence, and consistency paid off. It seemed like forever, but the changes were starting to take place.
Obi was great to talk to. He was very friendly and understanding and made me feel that this was truly something that I could do. He helped guide me through the program and before I knew it, the weight room was not that intimidating place that it once was. With each week there were physical changes and growth. The weight was starting to melt away and so was the body fat.
As of June 2012, I have come down to 104 pounds and 16% body fat. I lost 10% body fat and 10 pounds during 12-weeks on Obi’s program and I’m proud to say that I recently got my NPC Bikini/Fitness Competitor license and plan to compete in the near future. I am truly amazed at the changes that have taken place with my body and am so Thankful to Obi for his guidance and his expertise along the way.
Training with Obi has been a great experience for me. He gives you all the info you need, makes the necessary adjustments according to your progression, and helps you along the way with any and all questions you have regarding nutrition, weights, exercise, etc. Obi’s program was very helpful for a beginner like me! Thank you so much Obi for getting me closer to my goal! I have had great results to this point, but I’m not done yet! And you better believe that your programs will continue to be a part of my future goals.”

Best Regards,
Nadine House


John’s Personal Testimonial: “I have worked with other personal trainers in the past, but I have never achieved anywhere near the results I was able to realize working with Obi. Right from the start, beginning with the first phone call and emails, he was confident that he would be able to help me get lean, and he did. His confidence in me was contagious. I took a serious stance and truly worked at making progress. While I am not a bodybuilder by any means, I truly do enjoy working out and being in the best shape that I can.
I was not happy with the bad quality of weight I had added over the past year. Obi, through the detailed diet plan, work out and cardio sessions, was able to help me go from 195lbs to 171lbs. He changed things up every 3 weeks or so to keep my body burning fat. Now that I have completed 12 weeks of training with Obi, he has developed a maintenance plan for me. Overall, this was the best decision I made and the best results I have achieved in a very long time. Thank you my friend, thank you very much!!”

Best Regards,


Victor’s Personal Testimonial: “First and for most, I have to thank God! Without him, none of this would be possible. I want to thank my family for their huge support and for all the help along the way. They were there from beginning to end. I would also like to thank my gym partner for encouraging me and giving me the opportunity to train with him, even though he was miles ahead of me when I first started out. Last but not least, and certainly most important of all, I have to thank my Mom. She was and has always been the driving force behind everything I do.
This Total Body Transformation is dedicated to her and all of those that are suffering from ALS. I Love You Guys All and Thank You So Much! My mother has always been my biggest inspiration. She was the healthiest, strongest and most beautiful women I ever knew! Unfortunately, the biggest and most unexpected thing happened. My mother broke some very bad news to me that really put me over the top. She informed me that she was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) often referred to as €œLou Gehrig’s Disease.
This is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscles action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed. To this day, ALS is still not completely understood. Therefore, there is no cure. ALS eventually leads to death. This is a totally random disease and it could happen to anyone. So with that being said, it was time for a change. I was tired of hearing people around me with and without injuries, come up with every excuse in the world, to reason with why they couldn’t take control of their health and fitness life. These people were all in denial and took their blessings for granted, including myself.
So I put my laundry list of injuries to the side. The ones I used as my excuse. I sustained these injuries in a really bad car accident 4 years ago. I have four bulging disc on my lower back L2/3, L3/4, L4/5, L5/SI. Two herniated disc on my neck at C5/6 and C6/7. I also had a complete left shoulder reconstruction, as the muscle was torn back and needed major repair. So with good faith and a mission to honor those suffering from ALS, I set out to prove to myself and these people wrong. I wanted to prove to people that no matter what, you can achieve great results and change your life style around to a more healthier you! So don’t take your health and fitness life style for granted!
If I can do it, so can you! I wanted to make sure that I represented my cause well by looking the best I could possibly look in my 10 week goal. This process was so much easier for me because I knew I was hiring the right guy for the right job! If you want to look the best you have ever looked in your entire life, then you need to hire the best in the business, period! Obi Obadike as you guys know doesn’t need any introduction. He is, in my opinion, the best fitness model / trainer in the world. He also has the best abs in the world. If with one look at this guy, doesn’t convince you that he knows what he is talking about, then take a look at my before and after pictures. They speak for themselves. Obi Obadike is like the Piccaso of the fitness industry. He can make you look like a million bucks.
At first, I was concerned a bit because I knew it was going to be a challenge. I was averaging 185lbs but on my first day of training I weigh 182.2 lbs and I was at 24.7% body fat. I wanted to get down to at least 10% body fat. In a sense, Obi laughed at me and said don’t worry. If you follow my meal plan and weight training, I will get you there. I trusted him and stuck to the program. As the weeks went by, Obi consistently reviewed my results and customized my training and diet to get me to my goal. At the end of the day, I weigh 147 lbs and I’m at 7% body fat. That’s a total of 35.2 lbs and 17.7% body fat that I was able to lose in 10 weeks.
Obi’s dedication and commitment while working with me is beyond explainable. Training with Obi was an honor and a privilege. I highly recommend for anyone that’s even slightly thinking about making a change, to reach out to Obi and allow him to help you reach your goal. You’ll be amazed at your return on investment! Obi, words cant express how grateful I am to have you as my trainer. You’ve inspired me to take this journey to the next level. I will continue to work hard and inspire others. I will also keep you and your business in my prayers, as this is truly life changing!”

Best Regards,


She’rry’s Stevenson’s Personal Testimonial: “I am a mother and a female police corporal . I work out all the time but know matter how much I worked out I couldn’t seem to get my abs to appear. Well I emailed Obi and he emailed me back right away . He said he could help me get my body where I wanted it. He emailed me a program and I followed it. It was hard work but I didnt give up. Now I have abs and not only abs but a six pack. Thank you Obi for helping me acheive my goal.”

Best Regards,
She’rry Stevenson


Clients featured in National fitness magazines

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