Are Carbs Your Enemy Or Friend?

So many people in our society believe carbs are the single reason behind being obese or overweight. I don’t blame them for thinking that way because there is so much misinformation on the internet blaming weight gain on carbs that it’s hard to see how anyone would think any different. Some of this erroneous information […]

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AskMen.com Names Obi Obadike The Top Ten Most Inspirational people In Health And Fitness

I have been named in the Top Ten Most Inspirational people in health and fitness by AskMen.com.  Some of the other notable Fitness Iconic legendary names that made this AskMen.com list were Jack Lalanne, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jillian Michaels, etc. The article was written by Matt Weik and you see it here: http://www.askmen.com/sports/bodybuilding/most-inspirational-people-in-health-and-fitness/obi-obadike.html   Facebook0Twitter0Google+0Pinterest0Linkedin0DiggDigg0Tumblr0Stumbleupon0VKontakte0Reddit0Delicious0Weibo0Xing0Print0E-mail0

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