Take a look and try our amazing Obi-Stim Pre-workout supplement. It delivers a whole food form of caffeine balanced with natural ingredients. And it provides an even energy response without the typical jitters that other pre-workouts give you. NO STIMULANTS whatsoever!!!! Obi-Stim Pre-workout will help with increasing power/strength output and heightening training volume in the […]

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Who wants to take a whey protein that tastes horrible? Obiwhey protein is tasty and sweet without the normal artificial sweeteners that other whey protein products. One of the great things about our Obiwhey is not only does it have 20 grams of protein per serving but it has complex carbs associated with the concentrated […]

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ObiSlim-Appetite Suppresant

During the holidays we tend to overeat and in general we tend to eat too much food and consume too many calories as a society. Having the discipline to control how much you eat affects most North Americans. How many calories you consume daily will always dictate how much weight you can gain or lose? […]

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ObiWhey Protein

Can you trust the Whey protein you are taking? So many protein bottles have fillers and a lot of junk and garbage. A lot of them have very little protein in them. It’s hard to trust supplement products these days. And the very reason why Obistrong Nutrition was created. You can trust that our products […]

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The New Obistrong Supplement launched

Over the last 2 years I’ve been working on finding the right team to launch a new supplement brand. I paired up with one of the best formulators and doctors in the country to create a new supplement brand line called Obistrong. I actually stopped taking supplements a couple of years ago because I didn’t […]

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