Check out another amazing 8 Week online fat loss transformation of Don Craig. He went from 192 to 175lbs in 8 weeks of online training. He had a starting body-fat percentage of 21% and his ending body-fat percentage was 11 percent. He dropped 17 pounds and 10 percent of body-fat in just 8 weeks of online training. He followed the Perfect Anatomy Online Fat Loss Training System and the end result is a lean fitness model  physique. His personal testimonial and transformation is below.The after photo of Don was done through the mirror with a digital camera shot by himself so that is why the tattoo is on the different side of him in the after pic. Congratulations to Don Craig on the hard work and discipine he put into his online diet and training program.  To view more online fat loss transformations similiar to this please go to

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Don Craig’s Personal Testimonial

“Man there’s so much more to the testimonial then i can write.  You have really changed my life and the once dream I had of looking like a fitness model has came true! I just wanted to inform you I might be your first Native American ( Cherokee ) that you have helped out haha as well as a cancer survivor.. Ever since that problem came about all i wanted to be was a fitness model well at least look like one, and now that you have made that happen the dream is that much closer, maybe one day i can be in a magazine or in the fitness industry, and its all thanks to you bro! god bless thanks alot! “


Another 8 Week Amazing FatLoss Transformation



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  1. yousuf Says:

    hi obi my name yusuf and i 22 year old im student live in ireland be training more than 2 i be 110 kg and arrival to 89 kg but after that i get injured in shoulder and stop training awhile like 3 to 4 month i gain alot of weight and back to 115 kg i m disapoiment how i look like and another problem is my forarm and legs is to small in end and normal in top i have read every articels u wirte in and and see great result that the people u help them to transform please help me to be to get body i want .. many thanks yusuf

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