Check out Nadine’s House’s 12 week amazing fat loss transformation where she lost 10 percent of body-fat. She went from a body-fat of 26% down to 16% in just 12 weeks of online training. She followed the online fat loss diet and training program to the letter and the end result is a very lean fit-body at 44 years old which is phenominal for her. Nadine proves that age is just a number from her incredible fat loss transformation. To view more amazing fat loss transformations or if you are interested in a fat loss program please go to  Check out Nadine’s personal testimonial below:

NadineHouse's Fat Loss Transformation

Nadine House's Fat Loss Transformation

Nadine Personal’s Testimonial:

“I was your ordinary homemaker, mother, and wife running daily errands and keeping the “business” of my family’s life running prior to 2011.  I was a 44 year old female, married, with three children.  I was not a person that was in the gym on a regular basis, nor was I even that physically active before I started with Obi, but I thought I was in decent shape.  That is until I found it hard to go for a bike ride with my family without having to stop because it was difficult for me to breathe.  Even carrying things up and down the stairs started to be an effort for me.   I realized that something was wrong and my health was declining when I hit rock bottom in the Spring of 2011.   That last straw came when my family and I went on a vacation to Disney World and I couldn’t even push a stroller up the ramp to the monorail without thinking I was going to pass out.  Now mind you, at the time I was only 129 pounds and while I was unhappy with my appearance, I really didn’t think I fit into the “unhealthy” category.  “This is it” I remember thinking.  I had to do something.  I was NOT prepared to leave my kids motherless at such a young age.  I had to take control of my body and I had to do it now.

My husband and oldest son had already started going to the gym regularly in 2010.  After our trip to Disney and my life changing experience, I decided to join them in Summer 2011.  So, off to the gym I went.  It was time for me to get acclimated with the gym and its intimidating environment. I started out slowly, and weaned myself into going 3-4 days per week doing anything I was comfortable with.   I started out slowly, just going to classes and doing cardio, such as the treadmill and EFX machine.  In the beginning, I found I could not stay on the cardio machines for very long without becoming very winded and exhausted.  I thought I was going to pass out or die.  What was wrong with me?  I couldn’t believe I was this out of shape.  So I visited my doctor and my cardiologist and received both good and bad news.  The good news: they informed me that it was just conditioning.  The bad news: turn it around now or face a lifetime of deteriorating, and eventually debilitating health.

I got down to 114 pounds and 26% body fat on my own, but I knew I needed that extra push to go any further. My husband shared Obi’s training program with me and I convinced myself to try it.  What did I have to lose?  It was either going to make me or break me.

When I received the training and nutrition plan from Obi, I thought “this is going to be a drastic change for me.”  This was the first time I had ever hired a trainer.  Could I do this?  I didn’t want to fail.  I couldn’t fail.  For my kids, for my husband, and for Obi….I couldn’t fail.  I was going to succeed.

I didn’t miss a beat following Obi’s program.  (This is critical for success)  I got to the gym every day that Obi required.  I was determined….. even though the weight I began with looked so light compared to the others in the weight room.  I pressed on and stuck to the program.

In addition to the weight training, there were nutritional changes that had to be made.  We needed to change the way we ate as a family and that was not easy.  We made small changes at first, but eventually found there were an unlimited number of good choices and good recipes to choose from.  Obi’s guidance during phone calls gave me ideas that the whole family could live with.  His suggestions really helped.  And did I mention that he works into his training programs cheat days so you don’t go crazy?  I was in heaven!  I could tell he had been here himself before because he seemed to have thought of everything.  I found that I had to eat more meals to lose the weight which puzzled me since I was never been a big eater to begin with.  What I learned was that while I didn’t eat a lot of food before starting the program, I was eating all the wrong things.

After about 5 weeks on Obi’s program, the little things I was doing in the gym and in the kitchen were beginning to pay off.  My breathing got better, and I was starting to see changes with my appearance.  Obi’s suggestions for me to find patience, persistence, and consistency paid off.  It seemed like forever, but the changes were starting to take place.

Obi was great to talk to.  He was very friendly and understanding and made me feel that this was truly something that I could do.  He helped guide me through the program and before I knew it, the weight room was not that intimidating place that it once was.  With each week there were physical changes and growth.  The weight was starting to melt away and so was the body fat.

As of June 2012, I have come down to 104 pounds and 16% body fat.  I lost 10% body fat and 10 pounds during 12-weeks on Obi’s program and I’m proud to say that I recently got my NPC Bikini/Fitness Competitor license and plan to compete in the near future.  I am truly amazed at the changes that have taken place with my body and am so Thankful to Obi for his guidance and his expertise along the way.

Training with Obi has been a great experience for me.  He gives you all the info you need, makes the necessary adjustments according to your progression, and helps you along the way with any and all questions you have regarding nutrition, weights, exercise, etc.  Obi’s program was very helpful for a beginner like me!  Thank you so much Obi for getting me closer to my goal!  I have had great results to this point, but I’m not done yet!  And you better believe that your programs will continue to be a part of my future goals. “- Nadine House


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