Check out John’s amazing 12 week fat loss transformation where he went from a body-fat of 21% down to 11 percent which enabled him to drop 10 percent in body-fat in a 12 week period. His starting weight was 195lbs and he dropped down to 171 which made him lose 24lbs. He followed my online diet and training program to the letter and the end result is a lean healthy fit body. Congratulations to John on his amazing fat loss transformation. John’s personal testimonial is below! If you are interested an online fat loss diet and training program or interested in viewing more fat loss transformations please go to

John Before Picture- Fat Loss Transformation Client- 195 pounds- 21% Body-fat- 12 week fat loss transformation


John’s Personal Testimonial:

“I  have worked with other personal trainers in the past, but I have never achieved  anywhere near the results I was able to realize working with Obi. Right from the  start, beginning with the first phone call and emails, he was confident that he  would be able to help me get lean, and he did. His confidence in me was  contagious. I took a serious stance and truly worked at making progress. While I  am not a bodybuilder by any means, I truly do enjoy working out and being in the  best shape that I can.

I was not happy with the bad quality of weight I had  added over the past year. Obi, through the detailed diet plan, work out and  cardio sessions, was able to help me go from 195lbs to 171lbs.  He changed  things up every 3 weeks or so to keep my body burning fat. Now that I have  completed 12 weeks of training with Obi, he has developed a maintenance plan for  me. Overall, this was the best decision I made and the best results I have  achieved in a very long time. Thank you my friend, thank you very  much!!”


John After Picture- 171 pounds at 11% Body-fat- 12 week Fat Loss Transformation



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  1. Gianna Says:

    Wow look at his entire essence has changed. Keep going John!!

  2. obi Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Giana!


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