Check out Cathy’s incredible fat loss transformation which led to her losing 11 percent of body-fat. Check out below her testimonial to me  handling her diet throughout her 6 months to stage. She was trained by certified personal trainer Jorge Alvarez and his contact info is 

She dropped 11 percent in body-fat over a slow steady 6 month period of time to placing 2nd place in her first competion in her figure division for her INBA event. She went from a bodyfat of 24% to 13.5%. She worked very hard and commited to the diet and training program that was given to her and the end result was a very lean body. She has proven that anybody at any age can step on a fitness stage and be successful.


Cathy’s Testimonial

I’ve personally know Obi Obadike since about 2004, when I used to teach spinning at the LA Fitness in LaVerne, I would always see him training harder than anyone else. I admired that way back then, but it wasn’t until February of 2010 that we crossed paths again and I asked for his


help and guidance to get ready for my first Figure Competition at the age of 48.  I had already been training a month with a friend of mine Jorge Alvarez, the more we trained, the more we both realized I could do this but needed the proper diet.


Obi set me out on a plan knowing I was about 6 months out from having to be stage ready. Obi was great at adjusting where I didn’t respond or like certain foods like canned tuna J. Obi had a challenge though, up until that time I wasn’t eating meat. So he gradually introduced it into my diet and monitored me week by week. Always asking for my weight on Monday mornings along with body fat updates. Here I would go to a facility that did Hydrostatic Fat Testing. I started with Obi at 147lbs  24% body fat.  I was on a steady and safe weight loss  pattern of about 1-2 lbs week.


When I plateau’d adjustments made again. It was Obi who also told me when to start double cardio and it was then that I broke through.  August 21st 2010 was show time, and I came in at 129lbs  13.5% body fat.  I was so excited, showing veins in my abdominals and feeling ready. I placed 2nd for my first show, and since then have undergone some major surgeries and am recovered to the point where I am contemplating my next competition. May 8th I will be 50 years young and will be able to compete in the Grand Masters. I am soliciting Obi’s help again and should come even better since I have only allowed approximately 6 lbs to creep back on. My goal is to be on stage at 125 this time and more muscular, all the meanwhile doing this natural. The INBA is a natural body building association and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Thank you Obi for you knowledge, care and consistent support.


Cathy's Fat Loss Transformations


Cathy's Fat Loss Transformation



Fat Loss Transformation- Pic of Cathy on stage- 129lbs at 13.5BF%



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