Top Fitness Personalities Obi Obadike and Natalia Muntean will be attending the 2011 Asia Pacific Championships in Goldcoast, Australia in 8 weeks. Obi will be the special guest MC for the 2nd year in a row and Natalia will be a special guest judge at the show. You can read the entire Australian Natural Bodz PDF write-up at AussieWriteup



4 Responses to “Top Fitness Personalities Obi Obadike and Natalia Muntean Will Be Attending The 2011 Asia Pacific Championships”

  1. Antonio Says:

    Love this mag. Obi & Natalia are both big names for fitness, keep bringing that inspiration Obi

  2. obi Says:

    Thanks Antonio!

  3. Laura Debenedictis Says:

    Right! This excitement is all becoming toooooooo much! ANB 2011 fitness model is my first ever comp! I want this bad!!! Lol… Very excited to meet you and Natalia…. Training like a machine and loving every minute of it!! Lol…. Obi, well done on all your achievements…. See you at the show… X

  4. obi Says:

    I look forward to meeting you Laura.

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