Obi Obadike Featured In The Weider X Factor National Commercial

Posted by webmaster on Saturday Dec 12, 2009 Under TV commercials, Videos

Obi Obadike featured in the two minute Weider X Factor National commercial that is playing right now on television. He is the only fitness model in this spot with a speaking part.

Part two Video is the making of the Weider X Factor commercial. Watch the 90 second outake of this product kicking my butt on the set of the commercial.


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  1. Nii Wilson Says:

    I just saw your post with Jimmy Smith. Great article man. I always wanted to know how guys ripped up. I have always been under 8% bodyfat my life but I am trying to get the Michael Johnson/ Bruce Lee enter the Dragon Ripped.

    I’m glad you have this blog now man.

    Take it easy bruh!

  2. commercial factoring Says:

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  3. obi Says:

    Thank You Hipolito!

  4. Get ripped Says:

    I do appreciate your honesty in the post

  5. obi Says:

    I am glad you liked the post.


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