Get fit with Obi Obadike

I am Obi Obadike and you’ve probably seen me on TV hosting Sweat Inc on Spike TV or hosting Lifestyle Magazine on TBN.

Or maybe you have read my fitness and nutrition articles or have seen me on the cover of various fitness magazines.

Well I am not here to talk about me.
And how we can get you in the best shape possible.

I am working on something very exciting right now and that is my own 12 week Fitness and Nutrition program that will help you get in the best shape of your life.

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About Obi:

Obi Obadike is a celebrity fitness and nutrition expert and trainer who has graced the cover of over fifty fitness magazines and has written over 100 articles, making him one of the most published fitness experts over the last 8 to 9 years. He has been featured in mainstream fitness magazines such as Women’s Health, Shape Magazine, Muscle and Performance, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness and many other magazines.


“Obi Obadike is by far one of the standout fitness athletes in the world today. He has one of the very best six-packs in the industry.”

Michael DeMederios
Editor and Chief Of Maximum Fitness

“Obi Obadike is one of the world’s top cover models and a true ambassador and role model to aspiring fitness models all over the world especially in Australia.”

Steve Jones
Publisher of Australian Natural Bodz/Owner of Powerzone Nutrition

“Ever the consummate professional, Obi Obadike is clearly a part of an elite group of fitness athletes.”

Terry Frendo
Publisher Of Inside Fitness

“Obi Obadike is the hardest working man in the fitness industry. He is one of the most ripped fitness models out there today and has one of the best abs in the business.”

Paul Dillett
President Of The WBFF and former IFBB great Pro-Bodybuilder

“A lot of times we need fitness models to play many roles, from instructional model to sports athlete. Obi fits easily to any of those roles. And I never worry about Obi not being in shape.”

Michael Touna
Senior Art Director of Muscle and fitness and Muscle and Fitness hers

“Obi is one of the most enthusiastic fitness models I’ve ever worked with. His physique rivals most especially those abs.”

LaRue Novick
Editor and Chief of Max Sports And Fitness